GANTTDIVA| An easy to use, Excel based Gantt chart and project scheduling tool

Excel based Project Management and Gantt charting tool with full support for planning with schedule logic and reporting included: labour, burndown, timelines, cashflow, baselining

GanttDiva is inexpensive, fully customizable, Excel based Project Management software with an easy to learn interface to simplify the task of creation and maintenance of a project schedule. GanttDiva is more than just a Gantt chart template. You can not only create a gantt chart in Excel using GanttDiva - it is also simple to create a full project plan (several sample project plans are included) and it is easy to update and has powerful reporting to monitor project progress. GanttDiva has all the features needed for project planning and is useful for:
• People who want to learn and practice project management and planning skills and who need an inexpensive tool to help learn the concepts
• People who want to create project schedules and easily distribute information and who don’t want to spend a lot of money and learning effort for a standalone planning tool
• Teams who may need detailed planning tools and who find the overhead of using traditional planning tools too time consuming and expensive
GanttDiva has the following major features and characteristics:
• GanttDiva makes use of autofiltering as an intuitive and easy to use mechanism to help a user drill down to any kind of view
• Full schedule logic support for Finish-Start, Finish-Finish and Start-Start relationships, including the ability to specify offset (ex FS+10 means a task will start 10 working days after the completion of its predecessor)
• Extensive reporting capabilities that are all based on data in the current filtered view
o A labour demand chart that reflects the resource requirements of the current view of the project
o A burn-down report that determines progress based on the reported physical progress of all tasks in the view. An additional set of project metrics can also be generated (such as CPI, SPI, etc.). This type of report is often employed during Agile development to report progress
o A Cash Flow view that can be used to track sales, billing milestones, etc.
o Five different styles to choose from for a Timeline report that generates a one graph, chronological depiction of all tasks in the current filtered view, including a PERT chart view. Create a powerful slide for a presentation on your project using this feature
• An extensive help system that not only explains the commands and fields available, but also explains how to use the program and also a number of concepts that are related to the program. The help file grows with each new release in response to any questions or comments that users may have
• A user configurable calendar that allows a user to customize workdays, weekends and holidays. GanttDiva determines bases task durations and start and finish dates on workdays as per this calendar definition.
• Support for copying and pasting blocks of tasks while doing smart updates to predecessor links (links within the same block of tasks being copied are treated as relative, while links to predecessors outside the block are treated as absolute)
• Support for importing and exporting projects to any location within the current project space. The combination of copy, paste and import export, export capabilities allow a user to rapidly create a project plan by assembling and linking together schedule logic ‘widgets’
• All tasks, and milestones are drawn using vector graphics rather than just colouring cells. This improves the appearance of the chart, but also means that length of progress bars can be set to exactly map to the reported percent complete
• Lots of customization features available to allow the user to tailor the colours and appearance of the Gantt chart, individual tasks and reports
• Share your configuration and calendar settings with other GanttDiva users
And much more…..

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